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Company Overview

AMEDMA is a company dedicated to serving the needs of our valued clients in several aspects of the licensed adult use medical cannabis industries.
First, our state-of-the-art growing facility in Farwell, Michigan, is strategically located in the center of the State for optimized product transportation and distribution to our business partners. Combined with maximizing the total potential of our 130,000 square foot facility, AMEDMA is ready to exceed our partners’ expectations with an ‘on-time’ delivery of over 12 regular strains of cannabis.

Third, our comprehensive understanding of the cannabis industry positions AMEDMA to provide several services beyond the sales of cannabis.

AMEDMA is a well-managed, conscientious provider of adult use and medical grade cannabis and is well positioned to be a great, progressive partner to your firm whether you are a grower, processor or retailer. Please contact us today to coordinate a meeting for expansion on all of our services and value additions.


Second, our experience spans more than a decade in the legal, Michigan Cannabis industry. Our expertise is paying off. AMEDMA’s harvests have consistently received near-100% validation by Michigan’s regulated testing industry. This level of perfection has ensured on-time delivery to our processing and dispensary partners. / 517.416.4450
1878 Q Lane, Clark Lake, MI 49234

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AMEDMA’s harvests consistently receive near-100% Michigan testing validation—the level of perfection to ensure delivery schedules to processing and medical dispensary partners.

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